Dinah Nah från Melodifestivalen döms för våld mot tjänsteman.

Dinah Nah slog en ordningsvakt på krogen. Nu döms Melodifestivalen-stjärnan för våld mot tjänsteman. – Det är en skittöntig grej, har hon tidigare sagt.

I början av mars åtalades Dinah Nah, 36, för våld mot tjänsteman. Artisten – som blev utslagen ur den första deltävlingen av Melodifestivalen 2016 med sin ”One more night” – ska ha örfilat en ordningsvakt på nattklubben Hell’s kitchen.

Misshandeln inträffade den 27 februari 2016 vid 03.30-tiden på nattklubben vid Stureplan i Stockholm och nu har domen fallit.

Dinah Nah döms nu – mot sitt nekande – för våld mot tjänsteman och ska betala 9.800 kronor i dagsböter. Däremot får ordningsvakten, som yrkat på 5000 kronor i skadestånd, inte något gehör för sitt krav.

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Robin Begtssons Instailska .

Congratulations Portugal!

Salvador Sobral is a singer who manages to put across a unique musical sensibility and magnetism on stage. He  represented Portugal in Kyiv with the song Amar Pelos Dois (For The Both Of Us), penned by his sister Luisa.

Salvador Sobral studied Psychology, but his overwhelming passion for music took over and he has proved to be one of the great promises in the Portuguese and Spanish music scene.

While he lived in the United States and in Barcelona, where he studied at the prestigious school Taller de Musics, he carried out several musical projects: he composed for himself but at the same time he created audacious performances inspired by Chet Baker, took in bossa-nova and lent his songs the sweet sonorities of Latin America.
His voice, always in the right place and over which he has full, flawless control, and the magnetism with which he wins people over when he’s on stage, have awarded him the best reviews from the specialised press, colleagues and, most importantly, from the ultimate judge; the public.

Excuse Me (2016), his debut album, was a musical co-production of Júlio Resende, Leonardo Aldrey and Salvador himself.
Things you should know about Salvador Sobral
What are the three most interesting aspects about your entry?
-Simplicity, emotion and spontaneity.
What are the three most impressive facts about you?
-Being truth, genuine and emotional.
Do you have a (lucky) routine before you go on stage?
-Nope, I just prepare to sing with all my heart.
Why is the Eurovision Song Contest important for you?
-It can be good for my career, for people outside of Portugal to know and recognise my work.
About the composer
Born in Lisbon 29 years ago, Luísa Sobral is among the most important songwriters and singers of the new generation of Portuguese musicians and she is also one of those rare cases of ”love at first song”. She presented herself to the public in 2011, with her debut album The Cherry On My Cake, which was surprisingly mature for such a young artist. It was a reflection of four years abroad as a distinguished student at the Berklee College of Music, where she graduated in 2009.
Many times she had to play and sing in American restaurants and bars to help cover costs, which turned out to be decisive real-time education for her stage career.

In Luisa, her fourth album (2016), there is a stronger bond with her listeners, showing the artist has entered a new level of creative maturity, ahead of her age, as always. Luísa states she wouldn’t change the turmoil of her life for anything in this world. The stage is her home. And she kindly invites us to visit her. And makes us feel at home.

Here are the lyrics!

Here are the jury and tele votes for semi-final 1&2.

Oliver Ingrosso & Adam Avant – Somebody (Lyric Video)

Oliver Ingrosso & Adam Avant – Somebody (Lyric Video)

Robin Bengtsson vidare till final i ESC.

Robin Bengtsson gick vidare till final i ESC trots ljudproblem .


Jag höll mig vaken under Finlands låt och även la ut 3,60 på en SMS-röst på den finska låten bara för att jag är född och uppvuxen där även om finländare verkar göra a l l t  för att inte vinna. Och nej, det fanns inte bättre låt heller som borde ha skickats därifrån. Den här var den bästa låten! Tredje året i rad nu som Finland inte är med i finalprogrammet.

Men grattis Robin! Nu håller jag tummarna på lördag!

Eurovision Song Contest 2017.

The Five Nordic Countries.

First Semi-Final Tuesday,        9 May, 2017

Second Semi-Final Thursday, 11 May, 2017

Grand Final Saturday,              13 May, 2017


Where are You from and wich song is Your favourite?

Zara Larsson till Gröna Lund!

Zara Larsson uppträder på Gröna Lund första juni. Detta går  att läsa hos Ten Music och Gröna Lund. Det lär bli fullt på Grönan, mer plats finns det på Summerburst i Göteborg där Zara ska vara dagen efter. Den 3.juni är hon i Umeå.

Kissie har lottat ut biljetter.

Kissie hade två ståplatsbiljetter till Enrique Iglesias konsert på Globen ikväll. Så hon lottade ut dem till en mycket lycklig vinnare. Grattis till vinnaren!

Över 200 miljoner visningar har den här videon fått på två månader!

Reklam för Amazon.

Eurovision Song Contest 2017. Robin Bengtsson from Sweden!


Robin Bengtsson is a singer and songwriter, among other things. He loves music, travelling, family, cars, motorcycles and will represent Sweden in the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest with I Can’t Go On.

He has a start number 1 in the first Semi-Final on Tuesday, 9 May, 2017.

At the age of 13, Robin started playing the guitar, after having played trumpet for years. In 2008, at 17, he entered Swedish Idol and literally blew the judges away with his soulful and mature voice. Everyone agreed that there was something very special about his voice and personality! Since then he has toured with his band, written music, released a couple of singles and not least gained lots of experience.
In 2016 Robin achieved huge success with Constellation Prize through Melodifestivalen, placing 5th, selling double platinum and gaining massive airplay. This year he participated once again in the Swedish national selection TV shows with the song I Can’t Go On, which took him directly to the final and now to the ultimate goal: Winning the whole thing.

👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽 how sick is this stage!?

Ett inlägg delat av Robin Bengtsson (@robinbengtssons)

Things you should know about Robin Bengtsson!

What are the three most interesting aspects about your entry?

Great song, cool staging and the experienced songwriters; one former Melodifestivalen winner as an artist and two former as songwriters.

What are the three most impressive facts about you?

  • Former motorcross rider.
  • I’m a father.
  • I love to practice various action sports.

Do you have a (lucky) routine before you go on stage?

Not much, I do all the preparations days before so the main thing is to focus!

Why is the Eurovision Song Contest important for you?

I watch it since I was a kid so it’s always been a dream of mine. It will also be cool to meet people from all over Europe in one place!

About the song writers & composers

Robin Stjernberg won the Swedish national selection and participated in Eurovision in 2013 with the song You and since then he’s been busy releasing music on his own as well as writing and producing for others. Robin is acknowledged as one of Sweden’s most interesting up and coming songwriters.
David Kreuger is an international established Swedish songwriter and producer. He was one of the producers in Cheiron Studios and delivered songs at that time to Backstreet Boys and Britney Spears. Successes with Westlife, Il Divo, Boyzone and more. David is also one of the writers behind Undo with Sanna Nielsen.
Hamed K-One Pirouzpanah is a Swedish songwriter and producer with Iranian background. He has co-written three contributions to Melodifestivalen in 2014; Undo (Sanna Nielsen), Yes We Can (Oscar Zia) and Blame it on the Disco (Alcazar). All three grants went straight to the final and the former won the whole contest and represented Sweden at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2014 in Copenhagen, finishing third.


You can find the most of this info and much  more at Eurovision.tv !

Symphony Number One!

There they are ! Number One at Official UK Singles charts! Zara Larsson and Clean Bandit.