Ett nytt missfall för Annica Englund


Annica Englund berättar på Instagram att hon har haft ytterligare ett missfall. Hon berättar att hon ska utredas på en privat klinik för att hitta orsaken till de missfall som hon har haft flera av. Hon riktar kritik mot den svenska sjukvården eftersom det måste vara tre missfall efter vecka sex för få sätta igång en utredning via landstinget. 

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Here we go again 💔 In Marbella my period was late, I felt pregnant and took a test, negative. Two days later, no period and still felt pregnant and then this +. Third time lucky they say… not for us. A couple of days later I felt that something was wrong and I new what was going to happen. And it happened, again. The pain and blood was coming and it was another miscarriage. I don’t really know what to say… I’m angry, I’m sad. Everything feels unfair. People are doing shitty things, are having unhealthy lifestyles and still get pregnant and put innocent babies to unsafe homes. Some people are giving birth to 5, 8, 10(!!!) kids. And in Sweden we even get money from the insurance company when we get more than 2 kids so we can afford having them. But when some are having problems to get pregnant it’s so freaking hard to even get the RIGHT help, and it takes time. And IF you get the right help and you get one kid then you have to pay if you need some help to get a sibling. And if you don’t want to wait then you have to pay to even get an appointment at a private clinic. I know that this is no ones fault! No ones! But now it’s even harder for me to see, hear and talk about kids or pregnancy because it reminds me of what we cannot do on our own. But tomorrow we’re going to start an investigation. Take tests to see why I get these miscarriages. And we’re doing this private because I got the answer “you have to get three miscarriages after week 6 to make it count”… from the midwife clinic that you usually go to. What if I get pregnant again and get another miscarriage in week 5, and again, and again, then what? It’s totally devastating to go through these miscarriages. And in top of that I have to “pass” 6 weeks to get offered help. This is really shitty and tough, but I’m glad that we have an appointment to se what’s “wrong” and hopefully get some answers. 🤍

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