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A photographic journey around planet Zlatan including interviews withPOGBA, MINO RAIOLA, JOSE MOUINHO AND MANY OTHERS.

“He is an amazing talent, one of the best around.” Pep Guardiola

“He is skillful. He is outspoken. He is Zlatan.” New York Times

“Wonderful. The best footballer’s autobiography of recent years . . . and the bestselling European immigrant’s tale since Zadie Smith’s White Teeth and Philip Roth’s Portnoy’s Complaint.” Simon Kuper, Financial Times

“I came like a hero. I left like a legend.” Zlatan Ibrahimovic

From Malmo, to becoming the Ligue 1’s highest ever goal scorer with Paris Saint-Germain, before on further triumph at Manchester United.



I AM FOOTBALL will be released on November 22, 2018

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Master Algis rolling pin with beautiful pattern

Embossing rolling pin HEARTS. Laser engraved dough roller with heart pattern

CLOVER KNOT embossing rolling pin 
Embossing rolling pins can be a part of your kitchen or engraved keepsakes. They make a unique and touching gift for any person, family or occasion. Perfect for birthdays, house-warming, Christmas, Mother’s Day or special occasion. They can even be given out as wedding favors for bridesmaids, groomsmen or couples. Baking with embossing rolling pin can be a fun, especially for kids! 

We made many of trials and baked hundreds of different recipe cookies until we found the best patterns and created the best design for the rolling pin to get well embossed and beautiful cookies. 
* The rolling pins are traditional and optimum size with big surface of engraving. The measure is 15.8″ (40 cm) with handles, embossing part 7.5″ (19cm), diameter 2.4” (6 cm). 
* We include 3 our favorite RECIPES to get well embossed and delicious cookies. 

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Lucky me who got help from support

Back after a database failure. Since the end of September and until today, I have experienced more incidents than in several years.

I learned some things

WooCommerce increased my page response time to 40 seconds! So WooCommerce has been uninstalled for a couple of weeks now.

The SLL certificate (https:) to secure the page requires everything to be re-indexed. It’s not enough posting a new website to Google or to post a new sitemap but the entire content has to be re-indexed and I did it basecally manually.

There were some interesting days at the end of September and at the beginning of October when I was almost completely out of traffic because whatever I wrote, it did not appear in Google and once it was possible to find the page, it took 40 seconds for the page to answer!

My hosting company had problems with it´s SLL certificates and it meant almost two days of traffic failure because readers were met by warning messages when they opened asterixia.se.

I installed WordPress Multisite a day ago. And I created two subdomains for testing. But it didn´t  work well because my hosting company only  allowes Let’s Encrypt, which I use, only to be installed for the main domain asterixia.se not for the subdomains. It resulted the subdomain pages marked as unsecure.

So I deleated the test pages and the result was error. Deleating the test pages caused a message about failure in data tables and the site went disconnected.

Now my site has been restored to the time before the installation of Multisites with the result that even some posts disappeared.

At the moment, I feel like I’m  n e v e r  going to make any changes on this page. Not even change the color scheme. Let´s see if I’m thinking likewise  tomorrow … I already have a new idea.