Nasdaq stopped Jocke & Jonna's company

Nasdaq has stopped trading in Newton Nordic shares in what is called First North. The shares could be bought until yesterday.

“The reason for the trading ban is that we can not guarantee appropriate trading in the company, as it is called in legal parlance. We have judged that the share in the company right now should not be traded on First North and therefore we have chosen to stop it ", says Nasdaq's communications manager David Augustsson to Di Digital.

According to him, there are shortcomings in the company that need to be remedied for Nasdaq to be able to make a decision on whether Newton Nordic can return to the stock exchange at all.

“It is also up to the company to remedy the shortcomings we have found. So we can not give a time horizon right now, but we can simply ask to return to the market when or if we judge that trade can be resumed. "

Joakim and Jonna Lundell together with Danjal Kanani started the company Influencer Panel which just over a month ago in a controversial and talked about way managed to take over Newton Nordics which was already on the stock exchange.

Screenshot: instagram/joakimlundell

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