Anjo says no to Heyou - then regrets it

Anjo declines the nomination as one of five finalists in the category "Good Deed of the Year" in Heyou 2022. Already previously Joakim Lundell refused due to reasons he wants to keep private and now Anjo follows.

Anjo writes on Instastory that he wants Heyou to remove his nomination and that the counter to be reset. It is not clear if he has informed Heyou in a more official way such as via email e.g.

But he already the next day linked to the competition with the words "If you want to vote for me in Heyou, do it here:".

The reason for this particular conflict has its beginning, according to his Instagram story, in that the youtube profile Lokal has expressed himself negatively about Anjo and there has therefore been a new conflict between them. Local writes, among other things, that “Anjo is trash his channel is trash. Will celebrate when his opponent wins.”

Anjo drags in Lokal's relatives and ex-girlfriends in the conflict and calls Lokal with various psychiatric words in his stories and on Youtube.

Anjo's series on mental illness has just started showing for free on Youtube and his video about Pontus Rasmusson has reached one million views. He will also be a father again so he has big things to look forward to.

Screenshots: instagram/pontusbjornlund,, youtube/lokal,anjo

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