Annica Englund's new love

Alexandra Nilsson had a Q&A, and she certainly managed to make several of her followers smile, when she stated what it can mean to be in love with a man who is 29 years older.

"Get used to eat dinner 5 pm" answers Alexandra Nilsson to a follower who has feelings for a 29 years older man.
Lisa Anckarman needs to take it easy and enjoy her life.

Lisa Anckarman burned out and ended up in a Thai hospital where no real physical defects were found.

It was probably exhaustion syndrome that Lisa suffered from and she tells on Instagram: 

-"Today is a good day! But it goes up and down. Yesterday was piss, for example.

I swing between the all-feeling-top and extreme fatigue and then comes the despair of wanting to do EVERYTHING and not being able to do anything. A prison for the creative.

But today I dress in color, laugh with the family and long to open a Ripasso at sunset. Adversity is a fantastic opportunity for change and I feel so grateful.”

Linn Ahlborg will sell her apartment and she´s now looking for another larger one.
She needs a room for a home office and they´re two who will live in the apartment. 

Annica Englunds nya familjemedlem heter Penny. Det är ju något särskilt speciellt med djurbebisar. 🧡

Screenshots: instagram

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