Joakim Lundell's Q&A - Filming of FEED will start soon

Joakim Lundell has answered questions from followers on his Q&A on Instagram story . Here I have saved some of the many questions and answers he has published.

Among other things, we learn that Joakim Lundell has IQ 137 according to home tests and that he is studying certain knowledge in law. With a little luck, his film FEED will be released already this year! In any case, it will start recording this spring.

These two actors have each been given a role in the film!

How about buying a Lamborghini Aventador vs Roadster?

- “A dream come true. Never thought in my imagination even that I could own this car. Not even when I bought my first lambo did I think that one day I would own an Aventador sv. And super cool to know that you own 1 of only 500 in the world. And I think the value of this car within a few years is around SEK 10 millions."

How did you get through the trauma created during your childhood?

- “I stopped seeing myself as a victim and I stopped portraying myself as someone who has scars and wounds from childhood. And I let go of the anger towards all the people who did hurt me because I´ll never be able to change and affect it today.

I went back and cleaned up my past on everything bad that I can do something good of today. Then I closed the door and I live in the present. Today I am Joakim Lundell. I run several companies and I´m a film and television producer. I have wonderful colleagues and a fantastic family.”

Why do you hate suburban kids?

- "I´ve never done that! I criticize criminals and I criticize glorifying a criminal lifestyle."

Do you donate money to any charity of any kind or do you keep it to yourself?

- “We donate a lot! But nothing we show all the time unless it is included in our vlogs. Like when we last donated clothes and toys. Or when we bought Christmas presents for other children!

I don´t think you need to show such things all the time because then the whole meaning of giving is destroyed.

Of course, it´s good to do it sometimes to inspire others to do the same. But showing off all the time makes it a thing to show you are good.”

How will you react if your children are teased for the sex video you posted?

- “I don´t live in things that haven´t happened yet or that will take place many years into the future. Being constantly anxious and worried about things that are not in time or may not even happen is not helpful. It gives you brain ghosts and negative energy.

I recommend everyone to always try to focus on the present and all the positive things that are here. If you have good energy, you will be more satisfied with yourself and feel better!”

Do you know what you have in IQ, just curious?

- "137 according to the test I did! Then you never know 100% until you have done a real test at Mensa. Then IQ is very complex and has nothing to do with EQ as many people think."

When are you planning to study law?

- “I solve it alongside my second job continuously. Have no need for education on paper but do it because it is knowledge that I benefit from in everyday life!

I recommend everyone to at least read the basics for what obligations and rights you have in different situations in life."

Why is Danjal no longer on Youtube?

- “Because he needs all the working hours to work with our companies and develop and take them forward! Therefore, it is impossible for him without burning him out completely to participate on youtube with us.

But he comes in a little sometimes when he's free. So in the next video, he is actually with us when we are being foretold! ”

Have you already casted people for the film? Or is there a chance to apply?

-"Unfortunately not! We have a list of actors we want for the film and we will go on with established experienced actors!”

What would you say is the greatest strength you have today that you are most proud of?

- "My role as a father, of course! But also my impulsion and being able to work hard with blood sweat and tears without whining!”

How do the children react when some idiots, for example, fire rockets at a house, prank rings, etc.?

- "Of course they get scared! But I have started trying to let go of that, instead of trying to chase the idiots or get them, I try to teach my children something through the event what is right and wrong.

I know somewhere that if I get hold of these people pointing a rocket at a window my daughter is looking out of, it will not end well for either me or those who fired the rockets!

Sweden is so tragic, unfortunately."

Do you often get unsubstantiated allegations?

- “Not so much nowadays! But the attacks that come against us are not something we attach any importance to. In today's social media climate, one can never avoid criticism or stop it.

But you can decide how much they affect your real life. And I have chosen not to put any energy at all into what people, who don´t know me at all or have met me, think of me.”

How does it feel from not having had anything to living in luxury?

- "Same with this question! The question should rather be "what is it like to go from homeless with suicidal thoughts to a stable family life with a good and fun job?"

What are the plans for Youtube in the future? Any new big project?

- "No no more big projects on youtube! We will only make youtube vlogs because we think it is very fun! Unfortunately I don´t have time for large projects due to several TV productions and my film.

Youtube I want to be something we only do because it is fun and rewarding together. I don´t see Youtube as a job today anymore. Because our livelihood on youtube is such a small part of what we sell in the companies.”

How's it going with the feature film?

- "Goes really super super well! Is a lot of planning before recording. The difference between TV and feature film is that the start-up can take over 1-2 years before you get started to filming! We will start recording this spring and hope it can make it to the cinemas in 2022! ”

I have heard that you have threatened the youtuber Oskar, Gurkis which is his Youtube name.

- "you can play alone on the Youtube kindergarten because isn´t something I´m interested in at all. I take care of mine. I want to be in peace from drama on Youtube. My opinion is that it´s a living kindergarten only because many creators can´t get views on their own content."

What do you think about Local's behavior?

- “Lokal is responsible for his own actions. I´m not his dad and I would rather keep me out of what "happens" on Youtube.

I want our place on Youtube to be a channel for everyone that you can reach and only hang out with our family and feel joy and love.”

Source and screenshots: instagram/joakimlundell

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