Jocke and Jonna Lundell about showing the children on social media

Joakim and Jonna Lundell visited The TV4 program" After Five " (Efter Fem) and they chose to talk about parenting.

The couple told about how they have reasoned about showing their children Lunabelle and Lionel in media without masking their faces.

According to both Joakim and Jonna, it is because otherwise people would run up to the children and take photos of them and then sell them expensively.

Now the couple can control the photos by themselves and it will not be as exclusive anymore.

"We show them to the right level that we choose," says Jonna.

“Understand how mutch a photo would have been worth if we hadn´t chosen to show pictures of our children, as some people claim we should have done. Now we can control the exposure,” says Joakim.

However, both agree that if the children one day don´t want to be seen on the couple's social media, then they will stop showing up.


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