Pontus Rasmusson 23. She 16 - Is that OK?

Joen Benediktusson raises the question of whether it´s all right for a 23-year-old influencer to have it together with a 16-year-old girl.

He talks about Pontus Rasmusson, who in his social media claims that he was born in 2004, although he was actually born in 1998. And the girl that Joen refers to was born in 2005.

Joen also reacts to the fact that Pontus Rasmusson's children's channel, as he calls it, also has an associated Instagram account where content with sexual allusions is often published.

Joen thinks that an 11-year-old girl who follows Pontus Rasmusson on Instagram should receive sexual information at a milder pace, such as at school, instead of from Pontus Rasmusson's Instagram.

- "One thing I get disgusted by is that he very often has to add small hints to sex. Or sexual behavior. And he exaggerates a lot that he is looking for a girl and is looking for a relationship, etc. If you have a children's audience, it does not feel really right.”

- "But sure, if Bolibompa (A Swedish children's program) had shown a kiss, it would not have been the whole world. When asked how often Pontus has sex, he answers "Every time one of my fans has a birthday. Birthday sex! ” Had Bolibompa broadcasted a program where they had this (picture below), the host / producer would have been fired from his job, ”says Joen in his Youtube video. 

“No, but forreal send picture / city and we will start somewhere. (Sorry to others that I use Insta as Tinder)”
Rasmus kisses a doll's head

- “You have a certain responsibility as a child creator. Pontus addresses children at the same time as he says that. It does not add up. Sexual behavior directed at children is normalized by him. That's how I feel.”

- "Children should not have sex. Children should not think about sex. Children should not be exposed to any sexual content at all,” Joen concludes his video.

Pontus Rasmusson's comment on Joen's video was "he's just jealous" and team Pontus announces that they will eat chilli. ( Joens Youtube account is called El Chilli)

UPDATE: Joen's Youtube video has been removed. As so often when someone criticizes Pontus Rasmusson, a message appears from Pontus Rasmusson's "team" with various hidden means of pressure. That's probably what happened to Joen's video.

Screenshots: youtube/elchilli

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