The American lists 7 strange Swedish dishes

Kimberly Sorce lists 7 strange Swedish dishes and combinations of these that for her as an American feels strange. However, she says that she has tasted most of these dishes and that they taste good.

Kimberly lives in a long-distance relationship with her Swedish boyfriend. She will move to Sweden when she gets permission to stay in the country full time. But right now she is commuting between Sweden and the USA.

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7 strange Swedish dishes

Chili con carne with rice

In Sweden you eat chili with rice, but in the US you eat chili topped with cheese, sour cream and maybe crushed tortilla chips.

Taco with ketchup

"Ketchup has no business being on a taco," says Kimberly, who knows Mexican cuisine after her years in LA. She can not understand at all that some people also have cucumbers on their tacos. "Why, why, WHY?" Kimberly wonders.

Sausage with bread / mashed potatoes topped with shrimp salad

She thinks the one who came up with this combination was a genius because it's good.

Pea soup with pancakes and jam

Kimberly believed in the video that one eats the pancakes with the soup. She was corrected by many in her comment field and some even added punch.

Salty licorice ice creme

According to Kimberly, licorice ice cream deserves a place in hell.

Swedish pizza

In Sweden, you can have everything possible on pizza. She has eaten a strange pizza with banana and curry and she actually liked it.

Flying Jacob

Kimberly has not tasted the dish but she wonders how anyone could come up with such a dish.

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