Criminal rappers´ money laundry on Spotify

Many people have wondered how some songs have received so many streams on Spotify. It has been talked about for several years and artists that have been discussed include the gang criminals who were involved in the rapper Einar's kidnapping and death.

The suspicion has always been that criminal gangs use purchased streams in order to get money from Spotify and STIM. It is ultimately about laundering money that has been earned through criminal activity.

These so-called artists may also have been nominated for the Swedish Grammys due to false information.

Breakit released a song" Loopiloop " that was just a jingle to their test podcast without marketing it. Then the magazine bought streams for SEK 500, which led to the fictional artist Masas being marked with a blue tick, which means that the artist is legit.

The song was visited by bots and finally got 46,000 streams before it, after Breakit's article and the journalists' interview in SVTs Morgonstudio , was removed by Spotify.


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