Joakim Lundell's great horror surgery

Joakim Lundell talks about his upcoming surgery which he is very worried about. In the podcast "The truth must come out" , which from today is broadcast exclusively on Podme, Joakim talks about his upcoming hair transplant. "This is not about vanity," says Joakim, who finds it difficult to see when filming that his scalp looks more bald than it really is.

2500 new hair follicles will be placed where it "growns poorly" for the reason that Joakim wants more hair. He is more thin haired than he wants to be. It costs SEK 60,000 - 100,000 to begin with and two treatments are often needed. It should hurt "like hell" according to Joakim who describes that they are going to take hair follicles at the back of the neck. 50-100 anesthetic syringes are needed to anesthetize the scalp in order to dig out the hair follicles and reposition them. 

After the surgery, which takes 8-10 hours, Joakim has to sit and sleep, which he has difficulty with before. He must not touch his hair for at least 10 days because then the newly inserted hair follicles will come loose. "You hear that it will not be easy afterwards," says Jonna Lundell. As an extra bonus, "the itching from hell" also comes, but after a few days he can dab a little mousse on the scalp.  

The entire operation will be filmed by the Lundell Family's filmmaker Rasmus. 

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