Joakim Lundell's stalker reported to the police

Joakim Lundell has contacted the police as his stalker will not give up. The stalker has published several Youtube shorts just today with offensive content about Joakim Lundell. Jonna Lundell has also been described in derogatory words by Olof K Gustafsson, who seems to have nothing else to fill his life with than to publish a lot of rubbish about Joakim Lundell.

Sadly needed to contact the police regarding my stalker.

His attempts to contact me are so intense that it is every hour and around the clock right now. He writes about me, makes videos about me, tries to call me, makes different accounts to get different kinds of contacts with me constantly.
He's obviously in love with me on a morbid level, and seems to think we
should have a relationship with each other.
And I'm starting to worry about my health now, when someone is so inside my life that he does not even have time to eat and sleep on his own.

Some of Olof K Gustafsson's tweets.

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Screenshot: instagram/joakimlundell, twitter/olofkgustafsson

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