Klara Elvgren reacts to the skinny stress in the social media

Klara Tan By Elvgren occasionally gets questions about what she has done for beauty procedures. She tells in her latest Youtube video that she has not done the breasts. "They are all natural," says Klara.

"I have now received questions from two people who are in this industry," says Klara and continues "who asked me 'Klara, of course you have done liposuction, right?' and it is a question that actually provoked me. Just because everyone in this f-cking industry is getting slimmer and slimmer and slimmer… This incitement that is happening on social media makes me scared of the dark. Why is everyone starting to get look like spaghetti? Why are everyone suddenly start to look like a child in the body? What's happening?"

Klara says that she has absolutely not has done a liposuction anywhere but that she does work out. She thinks it is skewed that if she has gained a kilo or lost a kilo, people will think that she has done a liposuction.

Screenshots: youtube/tanbyklara

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