More Instagram Followers - Exonphbarb tells how

Exonphbarb Instagram account gets a question from her followers who are wondering how to get more followers on Instagram. The tip that Exonphbarb comes up with seems to be successful as at least one follower managed to get five new followers immediately!

Feel free to try and with a little luck you get more followers than you ever expected!

This is how you do it according to Exonphbarb: - “Follow large accounts and unfollow after one minute. Follow again to then unfollow. Repeat this a couple of times.”

Otherwise, there is a very popular way to quickly gain more followers. I´ve seen many pure Instagram story accounts that often specialize as news / gossip accounts. I guess it goes something like this:

  • Start a new Instagram account.
  • Publish only stories.
  • Keep your account private so people has to follow you to see your content.
  • Buy a lot of followers to look successful.
  • Do not write ordinary posts. You don´t want people from various countries far away to write comments because then everyone will understand that the traffic has been bought.
  • When you are satisfied with the number of followers. Then open your account for everyone.
  • Publish story after story. Days and nights. Steal content from just about everyone. Link to the big accounts.

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