Simon Leviev - The Tinder Swindler

Netflix shows "Tindersvindlaren" which is clearly worth seeing. It's about Simon Leviev who is a con artist. He finds his victims on Tinder and which he then exploits financially. He makes his victims think he is rich but he is in fact living on other victims' money.

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He has been imprisoned only in Finland for 4 cases of fraud and after 3 years in prison he was deported to Israel. Why he was not convicted in Norway and in Sweden is a mystery. In Israel, he was convicted of check fraud but he was locked in only 5 months out of 18 to which he was convicted.

His Instagram account has no uploads older than 24 hours right now. But the pictures themselves are old. It is said that he has swindled over tens of millions of dollars all over the Europe and even though he has been reported both to Interpol and to the European Court of Justice, he is free. That's weird.

Shimon Yehuda Hayut, as his real name is, has said in Israeli media that the women who participate in the documentary are "pathological liars".

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