"Trettio plus trevar" responds to the press' hunt for Bianca Ingrosso

The podcast Trettio plus trevar reacts to the media focus and "do-down journalism" that is going on around Bianca Ingrosso. It has been a serial of articles and clickbating headlines about Bianca in the press.

The podcast responds that the criticism of Bianca's beauty brand has arisen at about the same time as Kylie Jenner's beauty brand has received criticism in the United States. Journalists and gossip writers do so-called investigative reportage just to be able to create headlines that generate clicks. What attracts readers in the US also works in the Swedish market.

But what the press does not take into account and responsibility for according to the podcast is that Bianca suffers from mental illness. How much can she be pressured before it fails for her? - "What did we learn from Britney Spears, Janet Jackson and the Spice Girls with so many more? Apparently nothing!”

The discussion about Bianca begins at 26:27.

Screenshot: instagram/trettioplustrevar

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