Alexandra Nilsson wants to be Sweden´s got Talent jury member

Alexandra Nilsson answered questions on Instagram story and she says she absolutely does not want to move to the country side as she thinks that Nacka, where she lives, is like living in the country side.

She would like to move to the city but Andreas does not want that. Living so far away from Stockholm's inner city hinders Alexandra quite a lot, according to her.

It appears in Alexandra's story that 10,000 steps per day was a Japanese PR thing to market a pedometer. A successful one as there is hardly anyone in Sweden, for example, who has not counted steps at any time.

Alexandra would 100% want to be a jury member in Sweden´s got Talent but she thinks she would pretty quickly be hated by the Swedish people.

I'm not buying this bullshit that´s been. As soon as a cute child has performed (who has zero talent), he has been allowed to move on just because he is cute. I think, if this is a competition for talent, then it should really be that you have a talent and are not just nice looking. Or just a little charming. No, all sob stories… I'm not buying it. It's about talent.

She has no good experiences with book publishers, but there is a book idea she has that she may want to create something from. "But it may come later," says Alexandra.

Celine bag that Lily chewed on and destroyed does not feel well according to Alexandra who has not decided whether the bag should be repaired or thrown away.

Alexandra says that together with various people she has recorded X number of pilot episodes of the podcast. "I actually feel that none of them have been a perfect match for me, so I have chosen not to start a podcast yet. I may be perceived as picky and almost arrogant when I say that. But I'm really worried that it will not be good because of what happened to me last podcast . It is so important that I meet a partner who does it 100% with me ”.

Screenshot: instagram/alexandranilsson

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