Bianca Ingrosso - female entrepreneurs are severely judged

Bianca Ingrosso reacts in her Instagram story how female influencers are harshly judged in the press but that eg rappers or credible and cool people can basically do what ever they want without anyone caring.

This is probably not allowed to talk about… credible and cool people in public Sweden… They get away with a little of what they want. They can beat people and take thousands of drugs but they are cool so they get away with it. But had women in my industry… Female young entrepreneurs in the influencer industry behaved like the majority of rappers or artists… So we had been so canceled…. So it's completely sick. It's just sick because I stand and think like this… We say that a young entrepreneur, a female entrepreneur, would have an event or would have a live meeting with her fans and start beating them. Oh my god, that shit would be viral!

The reason why magazines writes about female influencers is called straight by m o n e y . Most of the musicians and rappers and other credible people are actually very boring. The headlines people click on in the press are often those about influencers and celebrities. Theres´s lots of things happening in their lives all the time.


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