Alexandra Nilsson doesn´t want to smell like a old rich lady

Alexandra Nilsson turned 31 a couple of days ago. A little later, she was celebrated by her mother and her family. Among other things, she received a shower cream and a soap from Chanel.

She was actually honest and said that it smells rich aunt about the shower cream. She has judged both Chanel's perfume as "aunt in a jar" and a pair of pumps from the same brand as "aunty and ugly".

Alexandra also got super cute, crocheted pastries from her little sister who had written recipes so that Alexexandra could bake them for real.

In the same video , Alexandra came up with a tip on how to short of trousers with too long legs.

A folding tape that you iron on, and which is actually used to shorten curtains, is a perfect way to avoid sewing. The tape is also not visible and can be removed afterwards. Available at IKEA .

Screenshots: youtube/alexandranilsson

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