Isabella's love letter to Paul

Isabella Löwengrip writes a love letter to Paul Sundvik. The former co-owner of Löwengrip and Isabella's long-term co-worker, Pingis Hadenius, has been reduced to a "former colleague". Ice cold relationship, indeed.

Almost two years ago, you came into my life. My former colleague was driven me to follow her on your boat during the national day. I had no idea who you were, what you looked like. But after just a few hours in the archipelago with you, I knew I did not want to live without you. From that day on, we have not been apart for more than a few hours. Day four, you pretty much moved in with me. Crazy but still so obvious.

You love my children and they love you. Together we have become a family and I am so incredibly happy about it. You're a cool person, Paul, and everyone who knows you probably agrees. Your big heart, your creativity, your humor. I laugh with you EVERY day. You make me more playful and relaxed. Our everyday life is an adventure and I love it. And you. Thank you for being here.

Screenshot: instagram/isabellalowengrip

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