Klara Elvgren in a new secret mission

Klara Elvgren tells in her Youtube video that she is going on a secret mission abroad and that she will be gone in a few weeks.

"I'm going to go to work and I´ll be away a little… A little bit… A few weeks, you get it" says Klara. "I can´t share what it is. I´ll be abroad and I´ll work. You´ll know everything eventually. Right now, I can say no more than that. ”

It looks like she's flying with Qatar or with the Emirates. She must at least drive for three hours after the flight to reach her final destination. But now it is being discussed that Klara may be a host for Paradise Hotel, which is being filmed in Mexico. Maybe she's in Dubai. Or in Sri Lanka or any other Asian country. Nobody knows right now.

"Goodbye Sweden. See you in May" Klara writes on Instagram and she promises to update her followers as soon as she can.

Screenshots: youtube/tanbyklara

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