Swedbank IT attacked: Joakim Lundell lost several millions

Swedbank has encountered "a problem" as the bank itself calls it. Swedbank has suffered several IT attacks before, so it can be assumed that this is what it's all about this time as well.

When Swedbank customers logged in to their accounts this morning, they were met by a deficit in their accounts.

One of the victims is the influencer couple Joakim and Jonna Lundell. Joakim Lundell says that if you merge all their accounts, the couple has lost several millions.

I assume that most people who have an account at Swedbank, like me and Jonna, have lost all their money due to some hassle or problem.

I logged in to all our accounts, we also have the companies… All companies on Swedbank, so instead of there being a pretty good balance on the accounts, it is a total minus amount of several million if you add up all the accounts.

So I'm a little worried. Right now we are totally broke. There is not a penny in a single one of our accounts at all. That's a total minus.

When it has taken 12 hours to fix such a big problem and when they still have no solution to it, you get a little worried. Because when this came up last night, I thought that when we wake up tomorrow, the problem is gone.

Because it can not be the case that so many swedes are scammed for several billion. But no, the problem is still not solved.

Screenshots: instagram/joakimlundell

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