ANI - The page is launched tonight

The premiere for ANI will take place at 19:00 tonight according to several Instagram posts and the product release will take place on 5 May. The page for is already open with only one video already shown on Instagram.

The site is operated by Askås, the same company that handles the operation of Caia Cosmetics. We can only assume that there will be a high pressure on the page the first few days, but Askås is used to that, so there will probably be no major problems for when Bianca's and Lovisa's new brand is released.

We welcome you ANI JEWELS 💚
A dream coming to life together with my best friend in the entire world 💚
A dream filled with so much love, dedication, hard work, effortless amounts of hours going through every single little detail to create the best JEWELRY for you 💚
I can’t believe this day is finally here and I’m so proud to be announcing this together with you @lovisaworge
Go follow @anijewels NOW

Screenshot: instagram/lovisaworge

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