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NaNa Hedin – The Voice and The Cancer

Posted by Asterixia Se on Friday, 29 June 2018


NaNa Hedin

Interview in swedish here.

NaNa says:

I started this fundraiser first on Facebook and it went unbelievably well.
People raised the money in less than a month.
There was an issue with the Facebook rules so I was spoke to the administration for several weeks.
Facebook said they were working on solving the problem but failed to inform that the bank account number need to be filled in within 30 days.
So without warning Facebook deleted my site and all the donations went back to everyone who had contributed.
However, people told me not to give up and that they would donate again.
So here we are!
Thanks a MILLION for all your wonderful support and bless you all for giving me this second chance..

Without NaNa no Britney success! Hit me baby one more time etc NaNa is the voice .