Valio tagged Mifú as vegetarian on Instagram

Valio Sweden has tagged MiFu with vegetarian and vego.

- “The National Food Administration's guidelines state that if a food packaging is labeled with the information vegetable, vegetarian or similar, it can often be considered misleading if an ingredient, including additives and aromas, of animal origin is included in the food.

In individual cases, it can be considered accepted what the term vegetarian means. This applies, for example, when a pizza with cheese is described as vegetarian, as it is accepted in Sweden that lacto-vegetarian pizzas in restaurants are also sold without reference to the inclusion of cheese.

In other cases where milk or eggs are included in foods that are otherwise free from animal ingredients, it is better if terms such as lactovegetarian and ovovegetarian are used, instead of only vegetarian.

This is to prevent consumers from being misled. It further states that food information must be clear and informative in accordance with Article 7 (1) and (2) of the Regulation ( EU) No 1169/2011. "

Read more here . Lidl was recently critizied for its advertising.

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