Premiere of the American Song Contest

It's time for the premiere of the American Song Contest and in 8 weeks competitions will be held with a historic final on Monday 9th May.

The competitions will also be shown in the Nordics but not live, which is bad of course.

Finland: Tuesday evenings

Norway: Saturday evenings

Denmark: Tuesday evenings

Sweden: Wednesday evenings 18:00 on SVTPlay and TV Saturdays. But that can change, I hope. There actually is a lot of Swedes who have created the whole competition in the USA; Peter Settman, Christer Björkman, Anders Lenhoff and Ola Melzig.

NBC broadcasts the programs (Swedish time) 01:00 the night before Tuesday the first week and 02:00 the following weeks. 

I only know Michael Bolton among the contestants. Here is the full list of artists hoping to be the first in history to win the American Song Contest in May.

  • Alabama: Ni/Co
  • Alaska: Jewel
  • American Samoa: Tenelle
  • Arizona: Las Marias
  • Arkansas: Kelsey Lamb
  • California: Sweet Taboo
  • Colorado: Riker Lynch
  • Connecticut: Michael Bolton
  • Delaware: Nitro Nitra
  • Florida: Ale Zabala
  • Georgia: Stela Cole
  • Guam: Jason J.
  • Hawaii: Bronson Varde
  • Idaho: Andrew Sheppard
  • Illinois: Justin Jesso
  • Indiana: UG skywalkin
  • Iowa: Alisabeth Von Presley
  • Kansas: Broderick Jones
  • Kentucky: Jordan Smith
  • Louisiana: Brittany Pfantz
  • Maine: King Kyote
  • Maryland: Sisqó
  • Massachusetts: Jared Lee
  • Michigan: Ada LeAnn
  • Minnesota: Yam Haus
  • Mississippi: Keyone Starr
  • Missouri: Brett Seper
  • Montana: Jonah Prill
  • Nebraska: Jocelyn
  • Nevada: The Crystal Method
  • New Hampshire: MARi
  • New Jersey: Brooke Alexx
  • New Mexico: Khalisol
  • New York: ENISA
  • North Carolina: John Morgan
  • North Dakota: Chloe Fredericks
  • Northern Mariana Islands: Sabyu
  • Ohio: Macy Gray
  • Oklahoma: AleXa
  • Oregon: courtship.
  • Pennsylvania: Bri Steves
  • Puerto Rico: Christian Pagán
  • Rhode Island: Hueston
  • South Carolina: Jesse LeProtti
  • South Dakota: Judd Hoos
  • Tennessee: Tyler Braden
  • Texas: Grant Knoche
  • U.S. Virgin Islands: Cruz Rock
  • Utah: Savannah Keyes
  • Vermont: Josh Panda
  • Virginia: Almira Zaky
  • Washington: Allen Stone
  • Washington, D.C.: NËITHER
  • West Virginia: Alexis Cunningham
  • Wisconsin: Jake’O
  • Wyoming: Ryan Charles


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