Ebba Busch's invitation to the Elle gala was withdrawn

The Christian Democrats' Ebba Busch invitation to the gala was withdrawn in the last minute reports Aftonbladet . Several of the guests had threatened to boycott the gala if Ebba Busch were allowed to enter.

It is unclear who threatened to boycott the gala and how the campaign of influence actually took place.

No, she's not naked. Her dress is created that way. Tasteless and ugly.

One of the people behind the campaign is according to Expressen Kakan Hermansson who hosted the Elle gala yesterday. She has several times expressed hatred towards police officers in her posts on Twitter and Instagram.

Ebba Busch would have worn this dress by Ukrainian designer Ivan Frolov according to Ebba's Instagram post .

I'm proud to wear Ukrainian designer Ivan Frolov, who seven years ago founded @frolovheart . Frolov is one of many examples of how fashion can be used to raise important issues. His clothes are a symbol of both Ukraine's freedom and his important struggle for human rights and the rights of LGBTQ people, which are declining in several European countries.

According to Aller Media, the publisher of Elle in Sweden, the reason for Ebba's invitation being withdrawn was as follows:

It is true that Ebba Busch's invitation was withdrawn. The decision has been made by Elle's editorial staff. Elle's values stand for diversity and against violence in all its dimensions.

The statement that has been made by the KD leader in recent times is the opposite of these values and nothing we wanted would take focus from the gala.

Ebba Busch asked in Lördagsintervjun i Sveriges Radio why the police on the spot were not ordered to go back in during the riots and why they were instead ordered to retreat. She also allows the police in situations like this to use their service weapons and shoot sharply.

- When we are in a situation where someone wants to kill the person who is responsible for maintaining law and order and protecting us all, then it must be possible for the police to escalate to the required level, she said.

Screenshots: instagram/ebbabusch, sverigesradio.se

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