Joakim Lundell and Crippa meet again

Christofer Berg's relationship with Linnéa Lundström and Linnéa's relationship with Christofer's daughter Chloe have been discussed extensively. Since Chrippa seems to be a very young person in an adult man's body, he has made decisions that may not always be well thought out.

After a lot of drama, it seems like Chrippa and Linnéa have gotten back together, which cost Chrippa his daughter Chloe. Since it's said that Linnéa hit Chloe, she's not allowed to be near her according to Joakim Lundell who actually reported it to social services.

Joakim Lundell and Chrippa have been seen driving in the same car, which has once again sparked discussions about what is really true in this story. So many lies have been told that it's not surprising that people are reacting.

Joakim Lundell has now written in his Instagram story and explained his point of view on the matter.

-"I think it's incredibly sad that I even have to explain this to you! Yes, I am with Chrille today, because I have been appointed as Chloe's security person. And it's the social services that appointed me. So it's not a title I gave myself. So I am there when Chrille meets Chloe on the weekend because she knows me well and feels safe with me and comfortable!

So stop speculating, Chloe needs peace and quiet around her, not a circus. From now on, I will only act in Chloe's best interest in all situations for her safety. And I will not say a word about this on social media because there is a security plan for Chloe that I am following."

Considering that Chrippa lives in the same apartment building as Joakim Lundell and his family, it's maybe not so strange that they meet. Otherwise, it would be really awkward if they both go out with the trash and pretend not to see each other. They are after all brothers.

Joakim explains what he means by writing: -"Me being present during Chloe and Chrille's interaction is not because he is dangerous or anything else. It's a safety measure that is really good from the social services to prioritize the safety and well-being of children."

And it's not at all something that's difficult for me, I LOVE spending time with my goddaughter who is also my daughter Lunabelle's best friend.. And I'm also really happy that I can be a good and safe adult for Chloe.

So let's leave this now so this can be handled internally outside of the Internet. Feel free to tell anyone who wants to create content out of this by secretly filming us, etc."

Even SVT has become interested in this drama but they are getting the cold shoulder with the excuse that "there is a suffering child in the middle of it all".

Screenshot: joakimlundell/instagram

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