Olof Gustafsson wants to serve his sentence in a Swedish prison

Olof K Gustafsson, who is detained in Spain, now wants to be extradited to Sweden to avoid a potential prison sentence of 2050 years in the USA. The USA has requested that Spain extradite Olof in order to begin a trial against him.

The American Tax Agency accuses Olof of scamming hundreds of people on mobile phones and wants to see him extradited. It's not just Escobar phones he's scammed people on. He and his wife Svetlana ordered an expensive Rolex watch that was immediately returned to the sender, who was surprised to find an empty box without the precious watch.

Olof will also be put on trial for smuggling, money laundering and illegal art trade. All this in the USA. But Olof, who for several years has spoken disparagingly about Sweden and its laws, is now terrified of having to spend the rest of his life in an American prison. He is so scared that his lawyer, in consultation with Olof, has filed a police report against Olof regarding a fraud that is said to have been committed in Sweden. Olof has already admitted the crime and now hopes that Sweden will request his extradition.

Olof conducted a smear campaign against Joakim Lundell and was so harsh in his words towards Lundell and his family that Youtube chose to kick him out.

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