Anjo vs. Cluee News – Again

Youtuber ANJO has posted a video where he reacts to the double standards the creator of Cluee News, according to ANJO, displays. ANJO has dug up a video where Cluee News smears the child's face and then laughs at the child when he cries.

Cluee News doesn't want his children to be exposed by ANJO and he has complained about this to people he thinks can stop ANJO. But in ANJO's video, he shows several pieces of evidence of how Cluee News himself exposes several children to different influencers without consideration.

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In Kekus' 6-year-old video, we can see Mikael Hallström, the owner of the Cluee News channel, smearing his son's face and then laughing when the boy cries. - "That's child abuse," says the mother in the video.

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Check out more videos with Keku! He should post more often.

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Screenshot: keku/youtube

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