Love is Blind 2 – Reunion

Love is Blind season 2 has aroused emotions among viewers and experiment participants. In Reunion, which airs today on Netflix, Shake tries to explain how he thinks. "Love is blurry" he gives as an explanation. He found Deepti in the program...


Love is Blind – Season 2

The season 2 of the popular Netflix series "Love is Blind" had its season finale today. In this season 2, we see new couples being formed but not many marry in the end...


Love is blind och Corona

Jag har precis tittat färdigt på den sociala experimentserien ”Love is blind” på Netflix. Jag brukar inte titta på den typen utav serier men det fanns inte så mycket annat att se och folk har skrivit bra saker om den. Serien…

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