Love is Blind 2 – Reunion

Love is Blind season 2 has aroused emotions among viewers and experiment participants. In Reunion, which airs today on Netflix, Shake tries to explain how he thinks. "Love is blurry" he gives as an explanation.

He found Deepti in the program and the first day he was very interested of her but then he started to feel that she felt more like a sibling to him. He was very unsure if he would get married because he felt that way. He was simply not attracted to Deepti.

Deepti made the decisive decision not to be dumped and said no at the altar. Since then, she and her relatives have written very harsh words about Shake several times. In Reunion, he was told that he applied for the wrong show because it was not enough for him to get along well with a person he had never seen before.

Screenshots: youtube/netflix

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