Pernilla Wahlgren is now homeless

Now has Pernilla Wahlgren left the house and the last recording of Wahlgren's World ever was made on Bertilsbergsvägen 3 on Lidingö. Pernilla will alternate her hotel room with another hotel rooms during the Hybris Tour until the new house can be lived in...


Pernilla homeless - Must stay at the hotel

Now another influencer will be homeless soon. As I said, homeless in the world of influencers means something completely different from what it means for an "ordinary homeless person". Pernilla Wahlgren is next in line to lose her home. To a buyer of course...


Pernilla Wahlgren is moving out soon

As you know, Pernilla Wahlgren has sold her green house on Lidingö. Now a feverish work is going on to clean among all the things that are thrown everywhere in the house and in the garage. Unopened moving boxes have remained for a long time since...

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