Pernilla Wahlgren - This is what she got for her Lidingö home

As is well known, Pernilla has sold her green house on Lidingö to move into her newly built house on the same island later this year. The legal process is now complete and it shows that the sale price was as much as SEK 14 millions.

This means that the price went up SEK 4 million in the more than 10 years when Pernilla lived with her family there. Nothing that Pernilla was later happy with when she had been told that prices were rising and that she could have earned more from sales.

In addition to the unfinished house in Sweden, she also has 2 houses in Spain nowadays. Casa Rosa and Casa de Las Estrellas, the latter of which is currently being decorated with the help of collaborations.

Screenshots: instagram/christinaschollin/pernillawahlgren

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