Therese Lindgren quits YouTube

Is Therese Lindgren's YouTube career ending today? She has uploaded a video titled "My last video".

Therese Lindgren has 1,331 videos published on her YouTube channel plus the videos she has deleted. She currently has over 1.04 million subscribers, but she has slipped down to 7th place according to Maktbarometern, which annually ranks the power influencers in social media.

In 2023, YouTube is heavily male-dominated, with 507 out of the top 1000 being men and only 217 being women according to the Maktbarometern 2023.

Therese Lindgren has on several occasions mentioned that she might quit YouTube. Her updates have become less frequent, sometimes more often, only to then take long breaks from her channel.

The followers in the YouTube chat are sad, and some are wondering clearly if Therese really can afford to quit her channel when over a million followers will provide a steady income and an opportunity for her to choose to work on important issues for her.

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Therese has started a foundation, Svenska Djurfonden (Swedish Animal Fund), which, along with her great interest of giving temporary home for homeless and sick animals, will take up a lot of her time. She will still have her large Instagram account so we won't be completely without Therese.

”I think, somehow, I´m born to create impact how the animals are treated. The foundation is the way to make it happen on larger scale. ” Therese says on the foundation´s homepage.

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