Bianca Ingrosso - the drug rumors and her expensive apartment

Bianca Ingrosso tells in her Youtube video that someone who sells drugs uses her as a reference and thus claims that she uses drugs. The person in question claims that they sometimes meet at Bianca's home and sometimes outside Spy Bar.

“This is so sick because I have never… My mother has scared the life out of me about drugs… I am terrified of drugs. I have zero tolerance for drugs. I have never been offered drugs. I have zero interest in drugs. Still, there are so many rumors that I am taking drugs.”

Her new apartment cost much more than 40 million SEK and she tells more in her video.

It's worth it. This is what I have worked for. I have said that everything I do is to be able to be the world's best mother and give them the best safest mother and the secure environment.

I have always thought that what I spend money on is my home, my castle where my family can be a happy little family. I am very proud that I have bought my family home. And I see it as an incredible investment.

I love the apartment and it was very expensive but it gives me a pat on the back. But it's not something I brag about just because I think I'm better than anyone else. It is very expensive in Stockholm. I chose to spend my money on my family home.

Screenshots: youtube/biancaingrosso

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