Simon Leviev's bodyguard is suing Netflix

Tinder swindler Simon Leviev's bodyguard Piotr (his name was Peter in the documentary) believes that the documentary has damaged his honor and his ability to work. His lawyer has sent a letter to Netflix meaning that Netflix will immediately stop showing the program...


Simon Leviev - The Tinder Swindler

Netflix shows "Tindersvindlaren" which is clearly worth seeing. It's about Simon Leviev who is a con artist. He finds his victims on Tinder and which he then exploits financially. He makes his victims think he is rich...


Inget Tinder för Viktor Frisk

Viktor Frisk försökte sig på en framgång på Tinder men hans profil blev bortplockad då Tinder inte trodde på att han var han utan någon annan. Inte så konstigt då folk skapar kändiskonton överallt. Det ser man även på Instagram…

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