So Perez Hilton posted this one  about Joakim Lundell and Arrhult yesterday

Joakim Lundell is very much in line with where dance music is in 2017.

This is not EDM. This is not big room sounds. This is a radio song! And it’s great!

The DJ/producer has enlisted the help of vocalists Arrhult for his latest single, All I Need, and it’s such a bop!

I really did read poop instead of bop. I think the Youtube video had been better with Arrhult gurls instead of Joakim´s girlfriend. One of the comments says

what is wrong with her face??
too much plastic…already?

Yeah, that´s a question we made even here in Sweden.

This is Arrhult´s new video.

You can also listen to the song on Spotify.

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