Avicii´s girlfriend Tereza Kacerova defending herself against trolls in Instagram

Avicii´s ex-girlfriend Tereza Kacerova is defending herself against Instagram trolls but Instagram deletes her postings.

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A post deleated by Instagram:

Part 1/2 – Instagram took it down because apparently it violates community guidelines – please @instagram before you do it again, let me know what about me DEFENDING MYSELF against thousands of hateful comments that you DIDN’T TAKE down offends you and I will cross that part out. The way you arbitrarily choose what will and won’t get to be seen by the world is a wrong. You’re sending a message to haters that they can anonymously terrorize and there will be no backlash.

Ett inlägg delat av Tereza Kačerová (@terezakacerova)


A post deleated by Instagram:

Alright Instagram, I’ll admit I’m reposting this again out of sole stubbornness. But I ‼️ HAVE ‼️ crossed every single thing that could offend ANY of the poor cyber-bullies it’s targeting.

Do I think it’s odd to leave thousands of hate comments on my page, fake accounts of me and accounts made to slander me – but repeatedly delete me defending myself? Maybe.

Do I think you arbitrarily choosing what the world will and will not read is an infringement on freedom of speech and this sort of pre-approving of opinions so that the masses are stirred where you want them to be could be compared to modern-day slavery? Maybe.

Do I think cyber-bullying can EVER stop if you take down posts where cyber-bullies are called out, therefore sending a message that they can anonymously terrorize without backlash? No, I don’t.

But I get it. It’s your app. And because I need to do this nonsense for work, I have to respect the rules. So I am. I’m disappointed that such a platform like you doesn’t try to move the world forward, but rather keeps it back. But ok. ??

Ett inlägg delat av Tereza Kačerová (@terezakacerova)

Screenshots: instagram/terezakacerova

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  1. Tereza Kacerova is a liar!! She said that she was girlfiriend but it is not conffirmed. So, she posted the last 20 th April that she were mencionated or tagged (because Avicii’s death day). Does it mean painful girlfriend? OMG!! I don’t think it. So, the Avicii fans don’t like her too. It’s very curious because with other girlfriends Raquel and Emily, it doesn’t happen.
    The people is not fuck idiots and we know that Tim or the press would have said it before. The dates don’t coincide!!
    I am @avicii.true_stories on Instagram and i got proof too!!
    PD: Linda Sterner follow her, well both. And Tereza blocks you if you are Aviciers

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