Phillipe Cohen - Hummus

Phillipe Cohen shows in his youtube video how to make hummus for real. He does not give exact measurements of what is used, but it may be possible to guess with the help of the video. What is needed according to the video...


Moa´s vegan chocolate mousse

Moa Murderess has posted a recipe for vegan chocolate mousse and I would not say no to a portion if I was offered. Wow! However, I wonder if Plantis' Oat whipped cream with vanilla flavor would not be better to use as in my opinion it is easiest to whip to a lasting result....


Chicken tikka masala á la Keyyo

Keyyo, currently in the last episode of Bäst in test (Taskmaster), has made a cooking video which she published on. Hope she posts it on Youtube as well or saves it otherwise it will unfortunately disappear after 24 hours. ..

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