Phillipe Cohen - Hummus

Phillipe Cohen shows in his youtube video how to make hummus for real. He does not give exact measurements of what is used, but it may be possible to guess with the help of the video. What is needed according to the video is:

1 packet (approx. 480gr) chickpeas whose spade is not used.

3 lemons (the juice from all 3 is not used for the hummus, so rather 2 are needed)

Half a can of tahini (Phillipe uses Fontana)

Cold water

Olive oil

Phillipe Cohen does not seem to like garlic so no garlic in this hummus. He responds like this in commentary field regarding garlic in his hummus.

No, not in my case. But never good with garlic or cumin for that matter. Like to keep my "lighter" and a little fresher with higher acid :-)

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Screenshots: youtube/phillipecohen

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