Passport concerns for the Warg family

There´s not just benefits to live in sunny Spain with small children. Little Alba was born in Spain and even though the parents Ida Warg and Alexander Pärleros are swedes, there have now been problems with Alba's registration into the swedish bureaucracy.

According to Ida Warg's Instagram story , there has been 4 months of waiting time to get an appointment to be able to submit an application for a social security number to Alba. Then it should apparently be 2-3 months processing time.

After the social security number is ready, the parents can book an appointment to apply for a passport to Alba. Now she does not end up in the passport queues that are in Sweden when she is in Spain. The consulate handles the correspondence with Sweden.

But with a little bad luck, there will be no summer vacation in Sweden for Alba. September holidays perhaps if the waiting time is as long as Ida Warg writes.

It is expensive to get a passport in Spain. The fee for the passport is 153 Euro, ie. +/- 1530 SEK. In addition, it is probably a coordination number that the child should receive, not a social security number. All according to Sweden Abroad .

Screenshot: instagram/idawarg

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