The outlet store on Gärdet

Outletbutiken is located on Gärdet on the way to Frihamnen in Stockholm. To those of you who don´t know the store, I can tell you that they have certain days when different, often expensive, branded companies come and sell their residual stock and tests. A good way to find out which days there are sales and which ones are selling is to subscribe to their newsletter via email. Next up is Himla, which has a sale. Take care when Cavelliere and Ströms have their sale. It is always worth shopping then. But be there early then.

You will not be alone. Then there are only two changing rooms with short curtains for and when there´s many customers, there are several customers in the changing rooms, unknown to each other, who pull off their pants. So put on your whole underwear and shave your legs... If that would stop you from trying on the clothes I would say. It will be difficult to change or return the clothes as the companies are only there for a few days. But take a chance if you are nearby. Silja Line and Hotell Adriane are only a few hundred meters away so even those of you who come from Finland can shop there, leave things on the ferry and then leave for the city. Nope. I'm not sponsored but I wish!

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