Finland is still the happiest country in the world

For the fifth year in a row Finland takes the top spot as the happiest in the world. This year its score was significantly ahead of other countries in the top ten.

The report is based on a self-evaluation conducted by 9 million people in over 150 countries. The index measures factors such as life expectancy, generosity, social security, freedom and corruption.

Professor Jeffrey Sachs is one of the editors behind the report. In a press release, he says that one lesson to be learned is that social security, generosity towards each other and honesty in the political leadership are crucial for people's well-being.

The surveys were conducted last year, the second year of the pandemic. It is significant that good deeds such as helping strangers, volunteering and charity increased sharply in 2021 - by even a quarter

According to the World Happiness Report's happiness index, Finland is ranked number 1

Denmark is still in second place as last year, but the Danes are not as satisfied and happy as they usually are. So there is a greater distance between first and second place. In third place is Iceland where they feel more satisfied this time. Iceland was in fourth place last year.

Sweden in place 7 and Norway in place 8.

Top ten
  1. Finland
  2. Denmark
  3. Iceland
  4. Switzerland
  5. Netherlands
  6. Luxembourg
  7. Sweden
  8. Norway
  9. Israel
  10. New Zealand

Well, it remains to be seen what the next happiness index list will look like. The war is not over yet and as they say in "Bäst in Test" (Taskmaster); Everything can happen, everything can turn.


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