Klara Elvgren is filming a reality show

Klara Elvgren has been on an unknown place for just over a week and the speculations has been going on since day one. Now there seems to be information about what Klara is really doing and where she really is...


More Instagram Followers - Exonphbarb tells how

Exonphbarb Instagram account gets a question from her followers who are wondering how to get more followers on Instagram. The tip that Exonphbarb comes up with seems to be successful as at least one follower managed to get five new followers immediately!...


Joakim Lundell i podden ”Vi avslöjar allt”

Podden ”Vi avslöjar allt” har intervjuat Joakim Lundell och i detta extralånga poddavsnitt på drygt 2 timmar grillas han av Vanessa Elie och Amelia Silowa. Vanessa är mer känd som tjejen bakom Instagramkontot Exonphspoilerse. Det finns även ett annat konto …

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