Paow and Diana Moseni in the Instagram fight

I barely know how to summarize this drama shared by exonphbarb .

But it goes like this:

The short version

Paow has written that she wonders who Hanna Friberg is. Which maybe is not strange since she was a long time called Hannalicious in her channels.

Hanna explains who she is and Diana Moseni makes a passive aggressive comment about Paow.

Paow slashes back.

Diana Moseni overreacts and whoops at Paow, makes some revelations and is generally unpleasant towards her. 

The long version

@ kattpaow regarding @ hannafriberg

-"So she says she has worked with social media and had a great blog since 2010? But I had NEVER heard of her.

It was like me, Kissie, Kenza, Blondinbella and Dessie who was at the top of the lists?

And I worked with both Bingo and another large blog portal so I had good control.

She must been quite small then? It is said that she was super big then.”

@ hannafriberg answers to @ kattpaow

- "Hahaha terrified of kattpaow

I had 20,000 blog readers a day at the time and was in the Top 3 at Devote which was a blog portal.

I was definitely not as big as Kenza, Alexandra "Kissie" and Paow but I made money on the blog and was absolutely great. There were many who read mine (blog)". 

@ kattpaow answers regarding @ hannafriberg

- "Ah I had 160 thousand readers a day."

@ dianamoseni regarding @ kattpaow

"But look how wrong it went then paow."

@ kattpaow regarding @ dianamoseni

- "Haha what the hell, went wrong? I travel the world around, earn my own money ..

Says she who applied to each season of Paradise Hotel. Became known for talking shit about young mothers in Facebook groups. Do you think you have succeeded because you made a free podcast and could go to the Nelly event with Blanca Ingrosso (no offense against her)?

Is it to succeed? The only thing I said about Hanna was that I had not heard of her, why did she take it so badly? Lol”

@ dianamoseni regarding @ kattpaow

- "Didn´t know that it paid so well to unfold with nude pictures online? Damn good example for the young followers! Don´t forget the discount codes for the clinics in Turkey !!

I have not applied to PH, they have contacted me since 2013 (attach picture) And glad that they come from the girl who is part of PH's interior? Nor have I quarreled with "moms on facebook groups" or attended Bianca's event. Like they're even a thing?

Glad it comes from her who snorted in a closet New Year 2019 from a fucking iphone charger and asked if I wanted. (of course I said no). In order not to go into anything else, so to speak.

Luckily the podcast pays well enough so I don´t have to show nude photos or constantly talk shit about others to stay relevant like some others.

Can you leave me, Hanna and half of Sweden alone kiss”.

Paow thinks that Diana Moseni is a hypocrite when Diana in a podcast talks about women having the right to do what ever they want with their bodies.

Paow also proudly says that she has earned SEK 2 million on some of her photos on internet. I had cut together Paow's long answer into a video. 

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Screenshots: instagram/exonphbarb, kattpaow

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