Alice Stenlöf in Prisoners at Fort Boyard

Alice Stenlöf will participate in the TV4 program “The Prisoners at Fort Boyard” (Fångarna på Fortet). She described before the recordings that she had no relationship to the program and that she did not really know what she had agreed to...


Alice Stenlöf and Klara Elvgren - Daily fights

Klara Elvgren describes her temporary cohabitation with Alice Stenlöf. The girls quarrel with each other daily and Alice seems to be incredibly annoyed with Klara. Alice should have frankly said no to Klara staying with her for a while...


Alice Stenlöf has collided in Costa Rica

Alice Stenlöf moved to a new Airbnb home in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. Together with her new filmmaker Amanda, Alice went to buy food for the evening. When they had loaded the food on the quad bike and went home, they collided...

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