Alice Stenlöf has collided in Costa Rica

Alice Stenlöf moved to a new Airbnb home in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. Together with her new filmmaker Amanda, Alice went to buy food for the evening. When they had loaded the food on the quad bike and went home, they collided.

- "Just when we are about to turn out of the grocery store, we collide," says Alice. "Amanda was a f-king hero who knew exactly how to do and helped me who froze" says Alice in her Youtube video .

"I panicked and shook so much. And I got to sit down and drink water. And I could not stop crying. I was so shocked and so scared. It all ended with the police and the ambulance getting there and it was chaos. We had to go to the hospital and we have been to the pharmacy.”

"It has been so traumatic and I have cried so much." Alice states that “there are a lot of traffic accidents and there are small roads here, there is only one narrow road in the whole of Santa Teresa. People drive so fast here and it is bad ground. People do not have helmets and accidents often happen here.”

The guy that Alice collided with is unharmed. "I really wanted to make sure he was," Alice says without telling how the accident happened.

Screenshots: youtube/alicestenlof

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