Bianca Ingrosso will take care of her well-being this year

Bianca Ingrosso tells on Instagram story that she had a panic attack which lasted for several hours. She was alone when it happened and after that she has now come to the conclusion that she should continue with her therapy. She also needs to prioritize herself more.

- "Yesterday was actually a typical day for me that happens from time to time when my mood changes drastically without me even noticing it myself."

- “I had a wonderful day with lots of energy, creativity and inspiration in the office. But as soon as I got home I had a long panic attack for about 5 hours alone. Crying, hard to breathe, my heart was pounding so fast and I
could not really breathe.
This is caused by many different personal things but now I really know that I need to go back to my regular therapy sessions. I'm the person who never thinks "Bianca things" are important and I do
never really things for myself because it is selfish in my mind.
The things that I benefit from are not really on my priority list, so to speak. BUT it needs to change this year. So tired of not being able to catch in myself when I fall and not take the time to recover which leads to this type of dysfunctional mind & mental health.”

-”Brukar inte prata så här”

-”för jag vet inte varför någon skulle vilja höra detta från mig och inte en specialist som du kan följa på instagram. Lite cringe ibland att höra folk utan utbildning eller egen erfarenhet inom detta område tala så högt om mental hälsa, omogenhet och allt det där. Men ja, här är jag helt seriös”

Screenshots: instagram/biancaingrosso

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